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Hi, my name is Blue Bolt, I'm a college epic gamer bro dood who likes to draw. My favorite things to draw are fanart, my OCs, and the "little" world I made for them. My favorite artists are Yoji Shinkawa and Hungry Clicker.

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iu_220723_6295182.jpgMany people considered 2020 to be a terrible year (of course that depends on the circumstances for some). Honestly, there were things I did find annoying about the things that happened in 2020, but regardless I really treasured 2020.2020 was the year, that I tried to learn, and improve my art skills. I learned how to make characters not look stiff, proper shading/lighting, and many more things that helped improved my art. Also, I resurrected and re imagined my oldest character EX-3 aka Aiden! Through the year, I was able to boost my passion for drawing/painting a lot. Thanks to some friends, and creators that have blown me away. Each month I would love art more and more. This year in my personal, life I try to grow as a person. I wanted to be more realistic, and think more logically about things. Honestly, even though I’m in an alright spot with my art skills, and personality I’m still not gonna give up to improve! I want to draw more OCs, and branch out form drawing only characters. Even though, many people haven’t seen my the improvements I’ve made with my art I’m still grateful that I have friends and a small community to see it.Additionally, 2020 was the year I was able to make more friends and interact with certain community more frequently. The people I’ve formed friendships with this year are truly amazing, and I hope our bonds last a very long time.

Thank you!


Original Twitter thread- https://twitter.com/blueboltart2/status/1346323115538841601?s=20

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